A barebone logger for Go

While working on a Go library, I was looking for an elegant solution for logging. After following many discussions on the forum, I came up with the following barebone which I think is decent performant and clean. Check it out!

package main

import (

type Logger struct {
        log_func func(string, ...interface{})

func do_log(fmt string, args ...interface{}) {
        log.Printf(fmt, args...)

func do_not_log(fmt string, args ...interface{}) {
        // Do nothing..

func (logger *Logger) init_logger(enable_log bool) {
        if enable_log == true {
                logger.log_func = do_log
        } else {
                logger.log_func = do_not_log

func main() {
        logger := new(Logger)

        // command line option
        enable_log := flag.Bool("enable_log", false, "Enable logging")


        logger.log_func("%s", "log me!")
        logger.log_func("%s", "log me again..!")


$ ./logger
$ ./logger –enable_log
2013/01/28 11:41:19 log me!
2013/01/28 11:41:19 log me again..!

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